Legend of Queen Opala II Sex Game

Legend Of Queen Opala II is the Second in a developing series of Fantasy Adventures. You play the part of a semi retired rogue/fighter who has settled into a rural life, keeping his farmstead and telling the local lord where to stuff his taxes when calamity breaks loose setting you off on the second wild adventure of the series. 


Legend of Queen Opala II Game Info

Release Date: 2012/06/20 (complete 07.02.2014) 
Genre: RPG, Adventure, Monsters,Anal, All sex 
Censorship: None 
Developer / Publisher: Gabework 
Platform: PC / Windows 
Publication Type: License 
License: Freeware 
Version: 1.02 Final ver.
Language games: English 

For the game requires the RPG maker XP


Download Legend of Queen Opala II Sex Game



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